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In the beautiful Salzkammergut region at an elevation of 1,400m lies the THORALM. Since 1740 the landscape has been cultivated in the rhythm of the seasons and its crops processed with care.

Fully committed to this tradition, the THORALM Manufaktur has made it its mission to develop new products with local ingredients and time-honored craftsmanship – and to make them accessible to people with a sense for the extraordinary.

The Process

Up here where the world seems still in order, we can find almost everything we need. The herbs just grow by themselves. The water is flowing clearly from our own source. And above all the sun to which we feel much closer up here is shining along. The way we feel up here is how our products should feel to you. Calm, close to Nature and reduced to the essence.
All our products are based on craftsmanship and local ingredients. Our DRY GIN for example consists entirely of alpine herbs while our NADELBITTER owes its rustic uniqueness to the alpine spruce, which grows everywhere around us.
Whatever Nature can't provide up here – whether it's arolla pine cones which only grow on higher elevations, or certain herbs which may not be found due to the current season – we procure from as close-by as possible. Preferably from a farmer down in the valley or from a few Alms over.

Our Products

A traditional arolla
pine liqueur, refined with
alpine honey.
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A true London Dry Gin
made purely from
alpine herbs.
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A salubrious
herbal bitter with
spruce needles.
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